Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about their experience with me…

Adam Millson

Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Prior to my time with Samuel I was stabbing in the dark in all aspects of my life. His coaching showed me the path of connecting my heart driven purpose to my personal, professional, and spiritual lives as one. He teaches how to remove the often painful roadblocks in our being that prevent us from aligning ourselves with our heart. Through the process the most important tool I learned is recognizing when I’m out of alignment and knowing how to get myself back on the right track.

The work is hard, sometimes confusing, and often unpleasant. The results are immeasurable. My family is strong, my relationship with my boys has become amazing, my spiritual life is solid, and my business is in a state of abundance all due to Samuel’s guidance.”

David Gustovich

Commercial Real Estate Investor

“Working with Samuel has been one of the few most important decisions of my life on multiple levels. Our work together has been a catalyst of growth in my business and my family, and I continue to make them both more. It has made me aware of the importance of being in alignment to create stability through consistent heart-led decisions and actions. It has also helped me to feel, not just understand, the difference between my heart and my ego.

This work of inner alignment with Samuel has established a solid foundation in my life that I use for my continued process of growth. I am fortunate and grateful.”

Gordon Thornton

Real Estate Investor

“The work that I have done with Samuel has been transformative. I’m no longer chasing after money – now I’m chasing my purpose. As a result I’m living a much fuller life than I could have ever imagined.  

The most beautiful part of this journey is my ongoing hunger to learn more about myself while serving others. The work that I continue to do through Samuel’s guidance has helped me release the blockages that were holding me back from living a complete life. Now every day for me is full of purpose and I’m making more money in my business than I ever have.”

Raylan Heck

Retired Army Ranger / Spiritual Coach

“Both the trauma of my military career as an Army Ranger and the double-homicide-suicide of my brother and father committed by my mother over 14 years ago left me in a life of chaos, completely numb to everything and everyone around me. Through Samuel’s coaching I can now actually feel my emotions and recognize my misaligned thoughts and beliefs before they can control me and derail my life. I am a free man, and now I am able to turn the perspective of my past into positive strength and power that grows and encourages me, my family, and my community around me.

I was driving a UPS truck when I first met Samuel. Now I’m serving and leading men and women full time through a process that God showed me in my suffering, living a lifestyle of relationship with other seekers, and walking a spiritual path of inner growth daily. Through faith and relationship I am more a warrior than I have ever been, and I am at more peace than I have ever been. I am grateful to Samuel for walking his path and impacting my life for the better, forever.”

Ron Gross

Financial Services Business Owner

“Sam is both a tough and loving coach. I had significant barriers that impeded my personal and business growth and many blind spots that he helped me uncover. Working with Sam gave me a transformational breakthrough that I did not even realize I needed.

When I first engaged Sam, I had a stagnant business, a disinterested partner, and had started a second company that was flailing. The work I did with him empowered me to buy out my partner, merge my companies, grow my business from $5M to over $30M this year, and set us on track to reach $100M in the next few years. I am confident I have the tools to get there thanks to Sam.”