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Helping Business Owners Grow Their Businesses Through Holistic Alignment

If you ask business owners what they want, most will tell you things like more revenue, more profit, more growth, more time, more balance, more purpose, more impact…

I call these desires “fruit” – good fruit – and if you’re like me, you are seeking this fruit in abundance.

What many business owners don’t know, though, is that if you want these kind of fruits in your business, you have to align the roots in your life.

 Because everything we experience, create, have, or don’t have in our life externally – our fruit – is the result of the alignment (or misalignment) of our soul internally.

Just look at some common business problems like personnel retention, stagnant revenue, dysfunctional partnerships, toxic culture etc.

What you will find beneath the surface is that these are not actually business problems…they are business owner problems that originate from the misaligned roots in their life.

For example, many businesses stop growing because of dysfunctional partnerships. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the dysfunction is not merely the result of differing views or personality conflicts, but of the fact that the partners established their relationship upon a deficit model, falsely believing that what they are not or do not have could be made up for by their partner(s).

This deficit thinking – I call it the “i am not” voice in our head – is the real root cause of the dysfunctional partnership in this example that has led to the business stagnating.

Find the origin of the false “i am not” voice in our head and replace it with the “I AM” voice of truth from our heart, and the business problem disappears permanently, transforming the business owner and thereby transforming the business. Because every business is simply a reflection of its owner.

This is the work of alignment – a powerful, practical, and surgical way to solve any problem, overcome any challenge, and remove any limitation we face in business.


But not easy.

That’s why I’m called to the work I do:

to help business owners grow their businesses through holistic alignment

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