Business Alignment Consulting

I help heart-led business owners create more through holistic alignment

a healthy
is less about
your business,
and more about
your Inner


If you are a business owner that wants to thrive but have reached your 

With the eyes to see, our business can be a mirror image of ourselves, constantly reflecting what is aligned and misaligned within us.

Most business owners are operating well-below their potential because they either cannot see themselves or are unable or unwilling to change the parts of themselves that are limiting 


As within, so without.

If we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, our business provides constant feedback on what is aligned and misaligned within us.

Inner alignment yields healthy fruit.

Inner misalignment yields unhealthy fruit.

My mission is to help heart-led business owners create an abundance of healthy fruit.

My approach is holistic, addressing the alignment of every aspect of our person – spirit, mind, and body.

My focus is on clearing the way to our heart, the divine part of our being, where we, as business owners, can find clarity for every decision we face on a daily basis.

My unique process for business alignment includes 4 stages:

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