Whether in a group setting or one-on-one, my services are for business owners who are serious about growing their businesses by growing themselves.

Alignment Council

Join me and a group of like-minded business owners intent on growing their businesses and committed to the work of alignment. Many entrepreneurs walk a lonely path in the battle to build their businesses. In this council we join arms in the struggle, we learn from one another, and we tap into the power of being united in purpose to grow our businesses as we grow and transform ourselves. Councils meet twice a month and gather yearly for an alignment retreat.

Alignment Consulting

For business owners seeking a customized one-on-one engagement with me, the journey begins with a high-level alignment assessment followed by a deep-dive alignment audit, where we look at each aspect of your business and your life and identify any significant misalignments. We then collaboratively create and execute a strategic plan to address mission-critical misalignments. If appropriate, I join you in the trenches of your business together with your leadership team to accelerate and expand alignment throughout your organization. In addition I can work with you and your team to identify and re-structure any misaligned business processes. If needed, I can also work in transitional executive-level and board roles to support you and your business throughout the alignment process.

Alignment Coaching

Whether in a group council or one-on-one engagement, we systematically go to work on your holistic personal alignment using a process I developed called Pitwalking™ to align the misaligned roots that are negatively impacting your business and your life. I also train you to become a Pitwalker™ so that you can continue this alignment work as needed, on demand, without dependence on me.

Alignment Quest

I create and guide rite of passage experiences (alignment quests) for business owners who have come to a critical transition point in their life and business – when their heart is calling them to make a major change, but they feel stuck or don’t know how. If you’re at this stage, I can lead you through a process to facilitate a radical shift in your life in a short period of time, without you having to experience a detrimental mid-life crisis. Here’s a docu-movie I made about my own alignment quest in 2019.

Nature Alignment

I integrate nature into everything I do, as there is no better teacher, connector, and aligner than the earth; so expect to be in the great outdoors regularly as we work together.