My mission, focus, process, and approach are for business owners who are seeking more than just the bottom line.

Samuel Neider
Black Hills
Wilderness Retreat

My Story

I have been doing the work of alignment for over 20 years, from ministry to coaching, from my own businesses to my clients’ businesses, from my personal life to the lives of thousands of people I have guided and served.

As a young adult I was driven to become a two-time All-American collegiate wrestler while obtaining my bachelors and masters degrees in engineering from Northwestern University. I went on to co-found, grow, and lead a successful construction consulting company that I sold to my business partner in 2016.

Somewhere along the way I lost myself, but experienced a divine intervention to re-set me onto the path of purpose. From that point I turned my focus back to serving others and pursued multiple coaching certifications, including executive coaching through the Weatherhead School of Management. I also continued my own inner work and fought to align the deepest roots of my soul, all while leading my family on a “wilderness” journey across the country and back again.

Through it all I have (re)discovered who I am and strive to live my life in authenticity and alignment every day. This is the basis from which I coach and guide business owners:


What I Do


My mission is to help business owners grow their businesses through holistic alignment.


My focus is to guide you to align the misaligned roots in your soul, removing blockages and clearing a pathway to your heart, the divine part of your being, so that you can access the power, clarity, virtue, and purpose within to become the highest version of yourself in business and in life.


My process is holistic, using the problems, challenges, or limitations you are facing in your business as a mirror to align every aspect of your life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, professional, financial – because your business is a reflection of who you are as a whole person.


My approach is to work with you in a group setting together with other business owners or in a one-on-one engagement in the context of your business, with strategic, practical, and customized coaching and consulting based on your unique needs and desires.